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Count on Our Team Anytime for Immediate Response When Disaster Strikes

When disaster strikes, Anytime Restoration provides immediate response by a team with the highest levels of technical expertise. Not only do we fully restore properties to their pre-loss condition, our experienced team gives you someone who understands every step that is required to help you navigate the complex and stressful maze of the restoration process.


Fire Damage
Water damage

Anytime Restoration has experience in the repair and restoration, rather than replacement, of many structural elements and contents involved in a fire, returning properties to pre-loss condition—fast! Total costs are reduced, fire odors are permanently eliminated and many contents are restored that other contractors simply write-off as a total loss, thereby conserving policy limits. Anytime Restoration helped with properties lost in the Waldo Canyon Fire in the summer of 2012 in Colorado Springs.


In 2013, Chicago, IL experienced an intense amount of rain that created many flooding homes. Anytime Restoration had traveled and helped with the water damage done to many homes. With top of the line dehumidifiers and extensive knowledge of water clean up, we got the job done the right way, the first time, and on time. We restore losses due to water damage caused by a wide variety of sources, including flooding, plumbing and appliance failures and roof leaks. Wet buildings must be rapidly dried to prevent the significant health risks and liability of secondary damage such as mold and damage to structural elements and contents. We dry water losses fast, which allows us to restore rather than replace structural elements and allows you to get back to a normal lifestyle fast

Anytime specializes in mitigating and restoring “black water” flooding from sewer back-ups, septic backflows, broken waste pipes, toilet overflows and river or lake floods. Black water floods contain human waste, pathogens and infectious materials. Our team consists of highly trained specialists that utilize special decontamination practices to restore black water damaged properties to a clean, safe and healthy condition. When the plumbing in the house fails to hold, sewage can cause a huge mess and a horrible smell. With excellent chemicals and outstanding clean up, Anytime Restoration can remove the sewage and get your house back to its normal function. Let us handle the stink.

Fire damage
water damange